Eucharistic Ministers: the most demanding of ministries. The extraordinary ministers handle and deliver the body and blood of Christ. Although this ministry does not have any other activities outside their mission, they are composed of members from other ministries, From the Secular Franciscan Order to the Youth ministry. Their mission is simple deliver communion to those that attend mass every Sunday, and also those who are ill, where ever they are.

Guadalupanas: this ministry lives to spread the faith in Our Lady of Guadalupe. They pray for those in need, for seminarians, and for our priests. They collaborate greatly to the church with fundraisers, but they also help the community, some fundraisers help the Holy Trinity Seminary. The meet every 2nd Sunday of the month to pray and plan ways to keep on contributing. For the 12th of December, the Guadalupanas plan and execute the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Secular Franciscan Order: This ministry is one of the oldest over 800 years of existence. The Franciscans look to live their faith in the manner that St Francis did many centuries ago, with love for good and compassion for others. They pride themselves in helping out those in need, from prison outreach to helping local fraternities, and also prolife events ranging from protest to prayer outside abortion clinics. They   aby by their own constitution and principles. They meet twice an month on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, to plan fundraisers and activities for the year

Knights of Columbus: The defenders of our church and it people, are all about community service, not just the fancy suit puffy feathered hats and swords. In our parish they help with any projects that Fr. Cruz presents. They meet to plan new ways of helping both the parish and those who need them. The Knights meet with members only, but will announce every time an open meeting is held so those that aspire to be one of them can see if they got what it takes

Kenosis: Also Known as the prayer group, this ministry is all about teaching Catholicism. They hold teachings every week on themes derived from the bible. They focus on helping others find Chris I all their surroundings. From their weekly classes to their annual camp. They preach and profess the word of God everywhere they go.

The St Raphael Archangels: Previously known as the Youth Group, this brand new ministry invites all high school teens that look for a safe haven to express their faith without being judged. With them there is no such thing as reputation, we are all equal to God, so you can forget what the rest of the world thinks of you. The Archangels train with the Dioceses of Dallas, in the Youth Leader program and other training sessions. Hey attend DCYC which is a retreat by the Dioceses to come and experience God with new people from all over the Dioceses. The are in charge of the Confirmation retreat, Christmas decorations, and various community service projects that benefit parishioners or charity. With Amparo the main leader they meet every Sunday to plan, learn, and have fun.

Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Catolico: Family is the root of education ad this ministry focuses on teaching couples a good foundation on the Catholic faith, this serves well for future generations to be keep faithful to their church. In this ministry couples are paired with up to four more couples every 2 weeks to gather and talk and teach each other about the themes that are provided by Fr. Cruz to help their faith grow. Their teachings ae based on the topics being explored at church. They hold retreats twice a year, which prepares them for a transition from theme to theme every four years.

Jovenes Ruah: Single young adults, ages 18 to 35. This ministry looks to promote the single life as a dignified way to praise God. Throughout the year they prepare for their annual retreat. They meet every Monday; bring in speakers to get them to nature their faith in the catholic faith. Once a month they gather to have bible study to increase their knowledge in the word of God.

Matachines: these Dancers celebrate saints by expressing their talent in dance. They practice all year for the 12th of December, to celebrate Our Lady Guadalupe. They also offer their talent to people outside the church for religious events. The dances range from 3 years of age to 33.

Ushers: these ladies and gentlemen, are the faces that greet everyone every Sunday to mass. They collect offerings and give information to the parishioners


All ministry members have pledged their help and some of their time to help the parish and those that attend it.

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